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Climate change is a reality and Africa, particulary Kenya, is one of the most affected. Over the years, areas that used to receive sufficient rainfall are getting drier and less suitable for farming.

The positive effects of Global campaigns to encourage tree planting / afforestation and discourage tree cutting / defforestation may take a while before getting experienced. There is also the possibility of failure as in some communities, residents view forests as a source of income as they havest Timber, Firewood and burn Charcoal for sale.

Aloe Vera farming fill this gap as it has the potential to generate income in the current climate conditions while supporting conservation efforts.This is our Motivation; we are an organized group that has invested time, money and effort to better our lives. As part of this, we have identified and cultivated the following species for their use in herbal medicine and skin care products:-

  1. A Barbadensis Miller
  2. Turkanensis
  3. Chinensis
  4. We are looking for support in Marketing of our Produce, Caltivation methods or Finances to better our lives.

    You can reach us via:-

    • Samuel Musili +254 746 027 184

    • George Kungo +254 797 736 844

    We are looking forward to hearing from you!