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As a group, we have identified and cultivated the following species for their use in herbal medicine and skin-care products:.

Barbadensis Miller

Aloe Barbadensis miller is a succulent plant species with fleshy, green leaves that have jagged edges and grow up to two feet tall. Its leaves are typically about an inch wide, and are often marked with white spots. The plant produces yellow or orange flowers on a tall stalk, and its roots are shallow and fibrous. It is a popular ornamental plant, and is often grown for its medicinal and cosmetic uses.


Aloe Turkanensis is a succulent, evergreen shrub with a sprawling habit. The stem is ascending, becoming decumbent, growing up to 70cm long and branching from the base to form large clumps 2 metres or more across. Each stem is topped by a dense rosette of 14 - 18 spear-shaped leaves that can be up to 70cm long and 9cm wide at the base. The plant is harvested from the wild for local use as a medicine and flavouring for beer. It is harvested on a large scale as a source of 'bitters', which are traded for medicinal use[299 It is sometimes grown as an ornamental.


Aloe Chinensis belongs to the Asphodelaceae family and is also known as the Medicinal Aloe or Lily of The Desert. Offering a dormancy of winters, this succulent is lance-shaped and can grow up to 18 inches tall. It is originally from South Africa. It is widely used in alternative medicine. The moist gel inside the Medicinal Aloe leaves is used for the treatment of burns, cuts, sunburn, eczema and other skin complaints. It is also widely used in cosmetics.