About Us

We are a group of middle scale Aloe Vera farmers who have united to better the production and marketing of our produce to both local and international buyers. We would appreciate any form of support in boosting our occupation.

Contact Persons:

+254 746 027 184 Samuel Musili
+254 797 736 844 George Kungo

MORE FACTS............

The total Annual rainfall ranges between 300mm to 650mm with an average temperature of 30 Degrees Celcius. Most of the farming practised in the County is subsistence for grains and legumes.

Fruit farming also does well especially for Mangoes, Oranges, e.t.c. There is no cash crop that is associated with the County hence the need to diversify.

Aloe Vera farming, which has the potential thrive in these conditions, aims to provide the farmers with an alternative; a unique cash crop that can provide the much needed revenues to the farmers and help them move away from the reliance on relief support.

Our farms are located in Kathonzweni area of the larger Makueni County, located in South Eastern Kenya.